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Talking with Lucy: Metabolism

This week Lucy Wyndham-Read from Lucy’s Squad and I talk about a highly requested video: Metabolism. What it is, why it slows down as we age, and most importantly how we can speed it back up.

As we age we start gaining weight, but why is this? It might seem a very simple question. But the answer is not as easy and straight forward as we are thinking. It is not only because we eat more than we actually burn during the day. There are also many factors contributing to it. One of the reasons is metabolism.

Metabolism is the system that helps burns calories, and as we age, it decreases its ‘speed’ and that’s why we start seeing ourselves gaining weight.

In this video, Lucy explains this (using her wonderful analogies), how this can be controlled by exercising correctly. I will even show you some exercise moves that bring your heart rate up, and that use many different muscles in your body.

These simple, quick workouts can be done from the comfort of your home, and, best of all they WILL make a difference!
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