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How will I cope with this lockdown?

In these days, I have been thinking a lot, basically overthinking. I could not stop my mind spinning around this Coronavirus threat. And then I realise… what if, let’s say, Boris decides for a total lockdown? If we ended up like China, like Italy and the other countries in Europe? What would I do? What would you do ladies??

So, I decided to use my time more productively and try to stop overthinking over something that cannot be helped right now, and I cannot control. I dedicated myself to thinking about what you can do if you are forced to stay in the house, which, for menopausal women in the middle of the transition can be something very interesting and challenging!

Stop procrastinating!

First of all, I would think of every work that needs to be done and that I’ve always ended up procrastinated. I am talking about building new shelves units, painting/decorating, for those of you who have a garden, go plant those seeds that you’ve had in the drawers for who knows how long! This is also the perfect time as spring is approaching, and rest assured it will be extremely beneficial to spend some time outside, for your mind and your body. British weather is gifting us with some amazing sunny days (very funny if we think about being inside in the few sunny days we have available).

Something I always wanted to do is to learn how to do needlepoint, that can keep you occupied, and keep your mind busy since you have to be very concentrated. It is one of those things that you always think: oh yes I will do it when I will have the time. Well, I think THIS is the time. There is a positive to this lockdown!

If you have something similar on your bucket list, just think about doing it now. You can also get the collection of books you always wanted to read. And maybe cooking: I honestly never saw so many people cooking but this is not the best option for me as then I would end up eating everything. And obviously, this is not a good idea. I would just stick with my normal diet. Here are some more tips on dealing with cabin fever during this coronavirus pandemic.


I have already suggested some apps you can use to stay connected. Another one which I like but is not for free is “The class”. It’s from New York and I enjoy it. You can try yoga, and if you can get on Kundalini yoga. There is an amazing lady out there, Maya Fiennes who has different youtube channels and you can follow her.


I will never stress it enough. Create a routine for yourself which includes exercise even more than once per day. Your body and mind will thank you. Eat a balanced diet. Even here a meal plan can be really helpful also to cope with the grocery shop. Alternate exercise and meditation, to help your mind cope and keep you grounded.

If you are home with children, and I am sure some of you are, the routine will be even more important for the little ones. And if you have little ones, well…. Your days are probably already full!

Time to clean

On top of all these suggestions, try to put something together for the charity. Get items ready! Clear out your wardrobe, get stuff ready for the charity shop, tidy up children toys, just make this time worth. You can just clean-up a room per day, for example, the first day you stick with the kitchen. If you are going to do the tidying-up, make sure no one finds your naughty box (I have mine full of stuff!!).


Take care of yourself. Remember that just because you’re on lockdown, doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of you. Actually, now you have more time! Keep on top of your hygiene. It’s very easy not to, being in all day. Get up, and have your regular face cleaning routine. Use that body scrub, use that intimate wash, and remember your supplements!! You can have a look at my products here for skincare, nutrition, and intimate care.

Stay safe ??

The last piece of advice, stay safe. For people suffering from anxiety-like me, we need to be very mindful. If you feel that you can’t cope, call someone. Stop reading all the shit on Facebook and social media, they are not going to help. I listen only to LBC but don’t listen to it all day, it can be quite daunting. Choose something and stick to it. Just once per day or it will drive you crazy. Just follow the rules and take care of yourself. We have no idea about how long this lockdown is going to last, but we can make the best of it.