Coronavirus and Cabin Fever

We’re on lockdown because of the coronavirus and it can get overwhelming being home all the time aka Cabin Fever. Here are some things to keep you busy!

We all know what precautions we need to take to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe (I didn’t even say what it’s about but you all know it’s about coronavirus). With the epidemic that is the coronavirus, some of us are choosing to stay home, work from home etc. But this isn’t what I’m going to talk about today! I quickly start getting cabin fever if I’m stuck in the same place, so here are some things you can do at home, using things that you can usually find at home. 

Alone or with your loved ones let’s make the best of the situation. Let’s not get this coronavirus affect us nor leave room for the cabin fever to come or can easily become a one-way trip. Also there’s no excuse that you’re never home to do things right now… Stay safe, don’t panic, wash your hands! ?? What activates are you doing to keep yourself entertained? ????

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