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Looking After Yourself During the Lockdown

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I hope you are all doing OK under difficult circumstances. During this lockdown, it’s pivotal that we make sure we maintain a healthy lifestyle, so I wanted to share with you how I’m trying to stay healthy in mind and body, and staying engaged during the day whilst being stuck inside.

I have quite a few ideas I’m excited to share with you, and I’ll start with exercise;

Fitness during lockdown

  1. My first top tip has a name: Lucy Wyndham-Read. She is a professional fitness coach who shares her workouts on YouTube and Instagram. They’re all free and everything is super easy to follow.
  2. We all know by now that there are plenty of online classes to follow, and another good one is the Body Doctor on YouTube. This one is on in the morning to get you going.
  3. I also love the online class called “The Class” by Taryn Toomey, combining yoga and cardio and opening all the chakras (you have 7 in the body). Subscription to the service is £30 per month, and classes are streamed throughout the day.
  4. I joined the online community “Sweat” last August. This one site has everything you need, from full-body workouts for every day of the week, through to meal planning and it’s the perfect place to connect with other women who are focused on their health and fitness. Have a look here!
  5. Invented by a Japanese man, another good home exercise is Tabata. It’s a timed workout where you do 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off, for 4 minutes, with exercises such as star jumps, burpees etc. There are some good Tabata apps available to download.
  6. At the very least, do try and keep your steps up – not necessarily by running if that’s not your thing, but you can still go for a walk outside. I’ve found that early in the morning the parks are empty and peaceful, with the added benefit of some Vitamin D from the sun. Do remember to be aware of runners though as they breathe quite heavily and COVID19 can travel through the air in saliva particles, so try to get out of their way. For your safety, walk off the paths if you see a runner coming.
  7. For indoor exercise, I also bought a rebounder, which like a small round trampoline. It gives you low impact joint-friendly exercise, and it’s good for osteoporosis. I also use my treadmill, which is brilliant if you really can’t get outside.

    Whatever you choose to do, it’s good to mix it all up so your training is diverse and mind and body will benefit even more.

    Food and water

    Do take care especially when exercising, to keep your water intake up. It’s important that even if you don’t feel thirsty, you keep your body hydrated. I wouldn’t have any alcoholic drinks in the house; they might tempt you and they don’t do you any good!

    Electrolyte water (water enhanced with electrolytes) is also great for the body. Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium etc, which help numerous bodily functions – skin condition and bone strength to name a few.

    I truly believe that drinking tap water is perfectly fine. I did my colourful ’90s, I partied very hard, and I know for sure that our body can recover very well. While it may not be the purest of water, it is not going to kill us.

    Boredom snacking.

    This is an important one – be aware of boredom snacking! I find that I keep going to the fridge or the cupboard and even if the snack seems healthy, too much is never good! We are not likely to burn all those calories during this time, so we should pay extra attention to the calories we consume. I hate to mention the C-word, but it is necessary.


    Our mental health is more important now than ever before – and I find meditation a real help. Meditation is a simple effective way to make you feel good and reconnect with your mind (which is just as important as the body!)

    If you are sceptical or haven’t tried it before, I urge you to give it a go. There are some really good guided meditations to get you started like the Calm app, or just concentrate on your breathing, and use your own mantra.

    To be honest with you, I’m not feeling too motivated to work out every day at the moment. I see the sun in my garden and all I want to do is sit out there and sunbathe. It’s important to strike a balance, and tune in to your body and mind. Be kind to yourselves, and I hope at least one or two of these ideas work for you.



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