Talking with Lucy : Osteoporosis

Today I’m joined with a very special guest, Lucy Wyndham-Read from Lucy’s Squad. We’ll be talking about osteoporosis.

For those who don’t know who she is, Lucy is an experienced personal trainer. She has created a series of 7-minute workouts to do for 7 days. When you look through all the feedback, you can see how many people have been successful following these videos. She uses simple exercises that target as many muscles as possible, instead of just focusing on specific areas (like a plank would!). And you don’t even have to go to the gym to do these workouts!

7 minutes seem totally doable right! It is! But it will make you sweat and feel amazing. You’ll even see me demonstrate some of these moves on this video, to show you how simple they are.

Lucy talks about how exercise can help with diseases such as osteoporosis. This is a bone disease that occurs when your bones become more porous. Like anything else, if you work on it, it’ll get stronger. Same goes for our bones!

We discuss how a lifestyle change and a positive relationship with exercise can seriously help anyone, especially those going through the menopause. I’ll also show you some varieties of Lucy’s exercises that help strengthen the bones, no equipment needed.

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