Cleansing your Gut and Your Emotions

by Meg Mathews
As published on RedOnline

Why is it important to have a clean gut? and is it related to our emotions? Having a healthy gut is the cornerstone to good health. And there is a link between menopause and gut health. The complexity of the gut and its importance to our health is a topic that is increasingly object of debate and research. That’s why having a clean and functional gut is related to your emotions, as it impacts on our weelbeing. I have long been an advocate and wanted to know more.

During the menopause, our oestrogen levels fall. This can have a debilitating effect on the gut, as oestrogen helps fuel the good bacteria needed to maintain a healthy gut. Modern medications, such as antibiotics, can also affect the gut wall and cause problems, so it’s imperative to rebalance. I’d recently had to take antibiotics for my tooth root and was feeling flat, bloated and very imbalanced. This did not help my gut. After something like antibiotics, it is necessary to clean your gut, also to have balanced emotions.

And, with my menopause symptoms, I was finding just simple things I took for granted taken away from me. Those include sleep, energy levels, mood, sex, stress levels, weight, the lot!

Going to Lanserhof for gut health

I’d heard amazing things about Lanserhof. Global pioneers in modern and holistic medicine. They have clinics in Germany, Austria and soon London. Lanserhof takes a 360 approach to wellness, which focus heavily around good digestive health. It’s a proven fact that the state of our intestinal flora has a direct influence on our health. The food we eat and the time we eat affects our entire body. Process as digestion, the extraction of nutrients and detoxification happen in our digestive tract. If the intestinal wall is damaged, food intolerances and allergies can be the consequence and the gut become a toxic place. That’s why by cleansing your gut and your emotions, you feel better, as your mood is direclty linked.


Gut health can also be the root cause of both physical and mental health issues, as well as digestive issues. I decided to undergo the signature Lans Med Concept, at Lanserhof Tegernsee in Germany. It is as’ an intelligent symbiosis of modern medicine, naturopathy, and validated therapy methods with the latest scientific research’. The concept is built over 30 years by the influence of specialists who ‘approach the human body as a whole’. It is based on the principles of detoxification and deacidification of the body. Only a ‘detoxified body’ is capable of regenerating and responding to different treatments. With a combination of the LANS Med Concept, traditional naturopathy and state-of-the-art medical diagnostics, the team at Lanserhof aim to tackle these problems at their root in order to create lasting change.